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Sounds of the Summer 2024 album cover artwork

Sounds of the Summer: 2024

March, 2024

In our third annual instalment of Sounds of the Summer, we wanted to recreate that serendipitous summer house party vibe. You know the one, where a mate suggests meeting up, you all um and ah for a while, and then, miraculously, you all end up on their balcony dancing the afternoon away, while the rays beat down, the laughter never ends, and there’s a feeling in the air that you wish would live with you forever. We start with cool melodic beach vibes, to start things off chill and sophisticated, and then, by way of one of the best remixes of any Jamiroquai track ever, as well as the transcendental beats of Incognito, JKRIV, and Crazy P, we ramp it up with lush disco melodies, sumptuous floor fillers, and a selection of both old, and bang-up-to-date modern classics, that will have you dancing until your feet are sore.

New Perspectives album cover artwork

Neue Perspektiven

January, 2024

Moving into the new year the right way, with this surly, burly selection of deep grooves and beats. Perfect for disappearing in the cold winter nights, just you, your desk cans, the beat, and the work. Lush.

Sounds of the Summer 2023 album cover artwork

Sounds of the Summer: 2023

August, 2023

The Summer of 2023 was Umlaut's Berlin Showdown. We threw open the windows of our Berlin studio and cranked up the beats. It was one of those long summers that was gone in a flash. When that happens, you know it was a winner. This playlist is a tribute to that summer. Influenced by the city’s disco renaissance, this playlist is full of anthemic tracks that fill your soul, make you want to move, and inspire a gazillion ideas. Absolutely perfect for when you need to sweat the detail or kick off something new. And, of course, also stunning for those hazy weekends in Kreuzberg, dancing in the afternoon sun and through to the earlies. We'll see you there.

Sounds of the Summer 2022 album cover artwork

Sounds of the Summer: 2022

June, 2022

Disco, nudisco, electronic, acid jazz, and house, perfect for those long hours working in the summer months. Some oldies and some newies, but all goodies. When you can sling Jungle, Jamiroquai, and Horse Meat Disco into the same playlist, you know it ain't gonna be half bad.

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